First Country Research

First Country Research analyzes the 100 largest economies in the world, including their financial markets and a wide range of influential factors such as social, demographic and political circumstances. Our skilled research team processes this information into a real-time rating, which provides users with independent insights into the creditworthiness of these 100 economies. By comparing these ratings to the market value of bonds and stock indices, investors can make more informed investment decisions, which reduces the risk of losses in their investment portfolios.

Key advantages of FCR are:

  • Interactive: enables users to work with their own preferred weightings, data sets, views and calculations.
  • Transparent: FCR offers users full transparency regarding the data and calculations.
  • Independent: FCR is not sponsored by constituents, which enables us to provide users independent real-time ratings.

FCR Credit Ratings

FCR credit ratings have been established by our research team and are based on a wide range of data sources. The ratings provide a quick overview of the fundamental value.

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FCR Fair Value

FCR Fair Value provides users with a comprehensive insight into the fair value of assets by comparing the real yield to the FCR Credit Rating. FCR Value-at-Risk also shows the downside risk based on the FCR Credit rating and current real yield.

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We offer the tools and the knowledge to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to strategic and/or tactical asset allocation. We also help our clients find customized solutions to cater their specific needs in a cost-effective way.

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