How Exposed are countries to the UK economy?

Contrary to the expectations of the polls and most betting agencies the British people voted in favor of a Brexit with a 52%/48% lead. Speculation has begun as to the impact this will have on the both the UK and EU. We are not going to evaluate possible scenario’s and their impact in this article but here are some links to websites for those who are interested.

The purpose of this article is to assess how interconnected countries are with the United Kingdom, future complications with regards to Scotland and Northern Ireland neglected. This shows which countries are most affected by the outcome of this referendum. In order to do this we have gathered and visualized four factors.

  1. Exports as a percentage of GDP. Both UK exports to other countries and the export of each country to the UK. Data is from the IMF Direction of Trade Statistics.
  2. Outward direct investment positions by countries to the UK.
  3. Country data on its holdings of portfolio investment securities in the UK. Retrieved from the IMF Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
  4. Foreign claims of the banking sector

Unfortunately the data of number 2 and 3 are on an immediate risk basis. Meaning that investments might flow through a country mostly due to its beneficial tax treatment of corporations. Below is a visualization of the data.

The ‘Overview’ tab shows the exposure of countries to the UK. In the upper right corner, one can select which of the four above mentioned items one wants to view. The data is shown in both a bar graph and a map.

The ‘Single Country’ tab shows the data of the above mentioned items for one single country simultaneously.

The ‘UK’ tab shows the export from the UK to other countries. Furthermore the export is also shown by product.

One can sort the values in the bar Graph by clicking the bottom axis

Direction of Trade Statistics
Direct Investments
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
Banking sector foreign claims
Export by product